Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Guide

Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West


Frequently Asked Tarpon Fishing Questions

We try to cover all the bases for folks to learn as much as possible about this amazing angler opportunity and fantastic fishery. If there is a question you may have that is not covered here.. Just call us.. 1-305-292-7212

When is the best time for tarpon fishing?

We have an entire page in this web site that covers this exact question as accuratly as mother nature will allow us. Please take a look at our Tarpon Seasons Page.

How do I book a tarpon fishing charter?

Call Us Directly At.. 1-305-292-7212 - Tell us the dates you would like to book. Use a credit card for 20% deposit. We will then send you a confirmation with all the details you will need like directions to your boat, phone numbers, cancellation policy and ballance due details.

Please see our charter F.A.Q. page for more details.

How much does a tarpon fishing charter cost?

We have rates as low as $425.00 for the half day for two persons. Please look at our tarpon fishing charter rates page for even more details and rates.

Can we eat tarpon?

No... We dont kill or harm tarpon. A replica of your tarpon can be made without killing them. They have no food value for folks that eat regularly.

How many people can go on a tarpon fishing charter?

The larger center console boats can take 6 but we reccomend 4

Bay boats can take 4 - but 3 or less is reccomended

Flats boats will take no more than 2. - No exceptions..

Am I guaranteed to catch a tarpon?

No.. If we guaranteed you caught a tarpon then it would be called "Tarpon Catching" Not "Tarpon Fishing". We do NOT know how many tarpon you will catch.

Can I bring my own tarpon fishing rods and reels?

Although it is completly unessasary, YES. However please communicate with your guide what is needed for the kind of fishing you will be doing and the equipment needed to make your day a success.

Fly fishermen - it is typical to bring your gear but again not nessasarry. Please get with your guide to see what is needed.

Can we fish for other species on a tarpon fishing charter?

Yes! Please check out our signature "All In Wonder" fishing charter where we do a little bit of everything to make a well rounded day of fishing. This is a Full Day fishing charter and limited in availability. Shark Fishing and Tarpon fishing go hand in hand.