Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Guide

Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West


Backcountry Tarpon Fishing

The backcountry of the Florida Keys and Key West are all the little islands on the "bay side" of US 1, the overseas highway that makes its way from South Florida all the way to Key West. Backcountry fishing is less than a geographical location than it is a type of fishing in a particular setting.

Calm clear and somewhat shallow waters. The backcountry of the Florida Keys offers some of the most impressive backdrops for fishing found anywhere in the world.

For tarpon fishing the backcountry holds a bounty of opportunities. As the tidal waters move around the channels and shallow flats copious amounts of bait move with them. Tarpon are ambush predators and feed on opportunity. As the baits move in and out the tarpon are there to make a meal out of the unsuspecting prey. Crabs, shrimp and bait fish such as pin fish, sardines, pilchards, ballyhoo and mullet are the make up of the feast.

Our backcountry fishing guides know where the tarpon are hanging out to ambush these baits. With the days they spend on the water during tarpon season (all of them) they keep in the loop to stay "in the know" about where the tarpon are moving to, what they are eating and their behaviors from one tide change to the next.

Spin fishing is the most popular method of tarpon fishing in the backcountry. Using artificial lures and live bait is what we do. Working the channels and edges of the flats depending on behaviors and conditions working the angler into a casting position using a trolling motor, drifting techniques or staking out in ambush.

Fly fishing is also very popular. Sight casting to laid up tarpon is a thrill of a lifetime. Using our trolling motors to silently put us within a casting reach to lay the fly out in front of the fish for an opportunity to strike. We use this technique also when we are flats fishing for tarpon.

Bay boats ranging in size from 22- 24 feet are the thing in backcountry fishing here in the Florida Keys and Key West. We find bay boats to be the most comfortable way to spend the day with 4 or less anglers on the water while pursuing these amazing sport fish. Stable fishing platforms, comfortable seating, shallow water operation and super dry smooth rides are all features of the bay boats. Equipped with trolling motors for silent approach our bay boats make great platforms for both the fly fisherman and spin fishing angler for tarpon.

From Key Largo to Key West - We offer 4 and 6 hour tarpon fishing charters in the backcountry on board bay boats. We supply all the gear, bait, bottled waters and licenses you will need. Our rates start at 425.00 for two persons. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for even more details.