Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Guide

Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys and Key West


Flats Fishing For Tarpon

Made famous in the Florida Keys sight fishing for tarpon on the shallow flats of the Florida Keys is awesome. During the migration in late April through June there are literally hundreds of thousands of tarpon moving through the shallows on the yearly spawn. Fly fishermen and spin fishermen alike will have many opportunities to hook, jump, and fight a tarpon off the flats during this time.

Tarpon jumps after being hookedCrystal clear waters in the shallows of the flats. first thing in the morning working the Atlantic and Gulf faces edges of the flats. Laid up fish slowly cruising the flats. Your fishing guide works you into position to present your cast. Fly fishing or spin fishing the tarpon eats, he feels the hook and then goes straight UP into the air. Nothing but pure muscle in shallow water scared to death and fighting for its life only to be released and fight another day.

Our flats fishing guides all have their own "spots" that the fish work through. setting up for ambush or actively poling after them is the technique for this form of fishing.

Both fly fishing and spin fishing the upper level of skill is needed to be productive in this arena. Your fishing guide will expect you to have a pretty good skill set with your chosen form of fishing. Backcountry fishing for tarpon is a great place to hone those skills before taking on a flats fishing experience both fly and spin fishing.

Flats fishing poling skiffs are traditionally what we use when flats fishing for tarpon. 16- 18ft in length with a single small outboard motor. Kinda tippy so balance is key to feeling comfortable while casting.

For flats fishing Bay boats are becoming more and more popular. Same style of fishing only using a trolling motor for shallow water propulsion. Super steady for casting and capable of staying on the fish much better than a flats skiff. The bay boats we use today float just as shallow as a traditional flats fishing skiff with loads of versatility.

From Key Largo to Key West - We offer 4 and 6 hour tarpon fishing charters on the flats on board either traditional flats fishing skiffs or bay boats. We supply all the gear, bait, bottled waters and licenses you will need. Our rates start at 425.00 for two or less persons. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for even more details.

Please Be specific about the type of experience you are looking for so we match you with the right fishing guide and type of boat outfitted with the proper fishing gear..

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